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Backup and Find your emails in your online vault

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Backup and Find your emails in your online vault.

Backup your emails online

Mailifik backups your emails from all your accounts (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, ICloud, Aol, Zoho ...). In 2 simple steps, you add an account and let our servers do the rest.

Retrieve your archives any time

Your backups are available any time in a ZIP format. The backups are incremental. You are able to restore even your deleted emails.

Search an email

Our search engine indexes all your emails and their attachements. In miliseconds, you are able to find any email. As simple as google.

Your vault

Security is our priority. All your data is encrypted in our Datacenters. Encruptions is made with AES 256.

Centralize your backups

MailifiK centralizes the backup of all your email accounts in a single encrypted storage space. So you can search for and retrieve all your emails from all your accounts.

Archive your emails

We rely solely on market standards. Your emails are retrieved via IMAP or POP3 or Exchange and are stored in ELM format in zip file. Thus, no dependence on an external tool.

Types of email provider
Here are some types of providers taken into account natively.


Backup your email online

The emails have a legal value and we generally have several accounts of different types: Gmail, Yahoo Outlook, Our uses are also different. Pro or Perso, all these emails are potentially important and should not be lost. Everything started with the following questions:

  • What if I deleted an email or worse a directory?
  • What if I lost a password or hacked my account?
  • What if I no longer have access to my email account?
  • But where is Mr. Dupond's email with the contract?

Maintaining a secure and centralized trace of all emails becomes paramount. MailifiK answers exactly this need and gives you the possibility to backup all your email accounts in a simple, transparent and secure way.

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Backup your emails online

Backups are made by IMAP or POP3 or Exchange in the cloud. MailifiK recommends that you configure your account to use a secure connection. (TLS or SSL). A server in Grid Cumputing mode saves your messages on an encrypted storage space at regular intervals. Thus, your data is encrypted from the connection to your email provider until storage. The format of stored messages is the ELM in a ZIP archive.

You can retrieve your messages instantly. No recovery limit. Your archives are available 24/7.


Search in your emails

Indexing is done on the fly on an indexing engine. You have the possibility to search in your emails including the attachments. Storage is also done on encrypted media. Items removed from your accounts are always backed up and indexed in our search engine.

So you will never lose any more email.

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Other Features

Some features among others

Centralize your emails

Centralize backup of all your accounts. No limit. All your data is stored in your safe.

End-to-End Security

Security is our priority. All accesses are carefully monitored to ensure the integrity of your data.

Backup in the Cloud

Your encrypted message vault is available 24/7 in the Cloud.

Search in all your emails

Thanks to our search engine specially designed for emails, you have the possibility to find any email.

Performance of our servers

We guarantee response times of less than 1s. Our servers are specially configured to provide you with a pleasant user experience.

State of art

No additional software required. We only use open standards to ensure that your data is always accessible to you.

We are at your service

Our teams are at your disposal in case of problems. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Ease of use

We want to guarantee you a pleasant experience, so we have focused the GUI on simplicity.


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1 Go of storage for FREE
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